All the Miracle – Salvation

Greater than the miracle of creation, greater than the miracle of birth. This kind of miracle it is-salvation! And, oh, how my heart yearns to see this miracle take devote hearts everywhere. This yearning is what drives me-it’s what catapults me from the natural to the supernatural when my flesh screams “No!” I thirst after it! I hunger for it! I crave it! I long to see souls saved, to see this explosion of transformation take devote the hearts of individuals, transforming old lives into new.

I’m just one ordinary woman who serves one extraordinary, miracle-working God. He who created the universe, who became the incarnate God in flesh through the miracle of Jesus Christ, He’s the author of the great miracle of salvation. And, He’s the one who is able to have a yielded heart of a typical woman a course in miracles audio, send her on adventures across the globe, speak through her yielded tongue, and through her bring forth new life-the miracle of Salvation!

What’s it that drives us? What’s it that causes us to ache to see souls saved? I can just only compare it to one thing: it’s akin to that innate desire in a female to bear a kid in her womb, having a baby and nurturing her own child. This want to begin to see the miracle of salvation is a holy desire, one put in the hearts of all that are called by His name. The feelings are so similar-an empty womb crying out to be filled is like a center crying out to be employed by God. Only He is able to fulfill such a yearning. Only God may bring forth new life.

As women, we were created to be bearers of life. God created Eve as a “womb-man” or a man with a womb. Her ability to provide birth is what distinguished her from her male counterpart. God created her to possess emotions and sensitivities different from man because she would need them to create forth life from love.

The question is, are we bringing forth life from our love affairs with Christ? Are we reaching out and sharing this miracle of salvation with others? A love affair with Christ should produce life in us. The more deeply deeply in love with Him we’re, the more our spiritual wombs cry out to be filled.

Be considered a bearer of life. Be considered a birthing partner with Christ. Allow Him to make use of you as He brings forth new life through the miracle of salvation!

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