Produce U . s . This time This Daily Bread!.

What would you picture in your mind whenever you recite this line in the Lord’s Prayer? I’d always looked at it as asking God for the daily food and basic necessities. We need our daily bread.

The Israelites in the desert received their daily bread from heaven every day. It was by all accounts insignificant in dimensions, taste and texture. The Israelites soon unearthed that hoarding lots for “a wet day” did not act as all of it went bad. They eventually complained that they would rather return to slavery and get flavourful food with garlic, and in addition they wanted meat.

They did not understand that the Bread of Life was sufficient. They did not need to benefit it, purchase it, or store it. They did not need a thankful heart!

To make a long forty-year desert story short, not some of those Israelites who were rescued from the cruel slavery of Egypt made it มานาประจําวัน to the Promised Land except two: Caleb and Joshua. They experienced God’s miracles daily; He guided them, and kept them safe and in perfect health. But only those two men had the faith that God would perform what He explained He would do!

Despite their initial awe at God’s marvelous works, they did not understand the miracles and soon replaced Him with false gods. Their love for their Saviour converted into contempt!

The desert manna symbolizes the Bread of Life: Jesus. He explained: “My meat is to accomplish the will of Him that sent Me,” and: “whosoever drinketh of the water that I’ll give him shall never thirst; but the water that I’ll give him will be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4: 34; 14)

Few have observed the number and magnitude of miracles experienced by the Israelites. It is really a sobering lesson for us to understand how gratefulness, awe and love can develop into scorn!

The flesh is dominated by the emotions and easily forgets all the benefits received – big and small. This is exactly why you’ll need the manna hidden in your heart. You are first and foremost spirit, indwelled by the Holy Spirit if you’re born again, surviving in a body. It’s a lot more very important to the spirit man to be fed daily.

God will provide the daily bread from heaven, but you’ll need to open the Word, spend some quality time with the Lord, and meditate about it daily. Just hearing the Word preached as well as reading it regularly is not enough to feed your spirit. You need to chew about it and digest it. The Holy Spirit will then reveal the hidden riches, just as Jesus would explain the parables and then His disciples.

Remember the 2 men on your way to Emmaus? While Jesus preached in their mind about His Death and Resurrection their hearts burned within them. However, they did not recognize Jesus until He broke break using them! (Luke 24: 30 – 31) That to me depicts how preaching the Word will draw you, but it’s the breaking of the Bread that gives you revelation of who Jesus is and His love and purpose for your everyday life.

This daily breaking of the Bread is essential for accumulating your faith, having a close personal relationship with Him, and growing love and gratitude for what He did, is, and is going to be doing for you. Faith and love cannot remain static. They have to be fed daily or they’ll become malnourished, just as the human body would!

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