Development of Pay safe Ltd and its Service

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Paysafe is a UK based online payment solution authorised by Financial Conduct Authority. It is a public industry traded as NYSE: PSFE at  founded in 1996. The person who took the company to the level of attainment is Stuart Harvey, the chairman and Philip McHugh the CEO. They are playing a vital role in their products such as Digital wallet and Electronic money. They can be contacted through the website Paysafe Group. Their subsidiaries are Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard.


Paysafe was established in the year 2015 in London as a new brand company of Optimal Payments. Its logo and website clearly show the vision of the company. The chairman and CEO have expertise in their business in the German, Austria and Swiss market with the help of Skrill and Neteller.


The aims on the quick solution to transfer the money in business between the seller and buyer. They provide an end to end support to the people and businessman, pre-paid card solution and so on. They make a proper wavelength in the secure transaction between the merchants and the variety of customers with different technology. They aim to act as an intermediator at a role payment provider as a meeting point between the customer and businessman to get turn over. Their logo Spark also indicates the meeting point of the transaction. They are very fresh and active in responding to the people through the website. Since 2015, they are rendering their wonderful service with a deal of 1.2billion$ worth.


It was taken to the London market in 2015. In 2016 they made a remarkable change that stopped the usage of Net along with MasterCard in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). Then they made people make use of their products like Netteller and Skrill for purchasing and money transfer. So gained many customers through this concept. In August 2017, they merged with two more companies to get private equity. In April 2019, they started to establish Ireland through Brexit to transfer European Economic Area (EEA). They got recognition from the Irish financial services regulator and the central bank of Ireland. In July 2020, they bought the gateway of Openbunks to help the people by releasing the undisclosed amount. They provide a wonderful solution for the company’s e-cash. In December 2020, they merged with SPAC of 9billion $ transaction.


In 2018, the company has announced its sponsorship for Dale Coyne Racing Honda in sharing with Zachary ClamanDeMelo and Pietro Fittipaldi.

To sum up, Paysafe Limited is rendering ample service and making the people satisfied and peaceful in their business. So to say that their customers are happy and contented.You can check more stocks such as nasdaq cost at

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